“Ye shall relieve the poor among you”

Temporary stays for families that incur financial difficulty.  Following the command to “relieve the poor” found in Leviticus 25.  Biblical education for the whole family including being a “keeper at home” for the mothers, and wisdom, and work ethic for the man of the home concerning the cause and cure for his plight.  homeless-sign

 A place for the elderly and the widow.  As deemed by the requirements found in the pastoral epistles.  This would be an integral part for the pattern of letting the aged teach the younger, and fulfilling the respect and honor due to the senior citizens of the kingdom.

 In all departments a fundamental teaching is to know who we are in and of ourselves as flawed sinners, yet royal co-heirs with Christ.

“He that was rich became poor, so that we who are poor might become rich”


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Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00pm

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