And He Made The Stars Also

Good morning saints, This morning devote was spent with a man who tabernacled among us in the 1800s, but now enjoys an address most premium. After a few thorough pages of words concerning the candlestick and the stars of Revelation chapter one, he gave what seemed to be an afterthought…much like the creation of the […]

Drastic Diseases Call for Drastic Remedies

I spent time with the Lord this morning, and with a friend of His that made the journey to be with Him about 50 years ago. I would say that is when he died, but we know better than that don’t we. Listen in on some of the conversation… “The present day conditions call loudly […]

Holy War In The Heart

I realize a blog should be the words of its owner… but these words from a pastor of old are like apples of gold in pictures of silver. “The seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent have been contending ever since the enmity has been put between them (Genesis 3:15), and this […]

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