Sharing the Faith

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It is the duty and privilege of every believer to endeavor to share their faith with unbelieving people. Jesus said to go into all the world, to preach the gospel, and to teach His commandments.

The Bible says we are co-laborers with Jesus, and many of the blessings of the Lord stem from participating in this commission. When we do this, Jesus said, “Lo, I am with you always”.

Creating opportune times of relationship with God, and seeing the Spirit of God work in and through our lives. We at Liberty Valley enjoy an evangelistic ministry from the streets of Cleveland, to coffee shop discussions, to conversations in the kitchen.

The church should be a “city set on a hill” and “the salt of the earth”.

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Service Times & Directions

Sunday Morning Services

Sunday Morning: 10:00 am

Sunday Evening: 6:00pm

Midweek Services

Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00pm

Radio Ministry

Weekdays On 1220 AM, WHKW : 6:00 pm

7772 Capital Blvd.
Macedonia, Ohio 44056